Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The ADA has a great website with answers to your questions about dental health.  We've attached a link to the site where they offer quizes on multiple dental topics.  Test your knowledge below! If you have questions - Dr. McArthur would be happy to discuss them with you at your next appointment!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Welcome to our new blog!

Another beautiful day in Brigham City, Utah and a great day for dentistry! :)

This is our dental practice blog and we'd like to use it to post articles and comments that we think will help raise awareness of dental health.

As most people absolutely love to go to the dentist... wait, did I get that wrong? Ok. So pretty much nobody likes to go to the dentist! In fact, a recent poll that I heard stated that American's top two fears are speaking in public and visiting their dentist. Nice. But for those of us who have chosen this profession, we're ok with that and we understand why people are fearful. Unfortunately, a lot of the fear is attributed to either personal experience, OR experiences of others... usually years and years ago. We hear about it every day. "Dr. so and so was so mean, he didn't even use novacaine. He would put his knee on my chest and..." you get the picture. Maybe you've got a story that's similar.

The fact is that with advances in dental medicine, dentistry can and should be much more comfortable than the experiences of years past. And although you may think I'm biased, and I guess I am, in my experience with colleagues here in Utah as well as across the country, dentists care about you, want you to be comfortable, and want you to be healthy.

So check back with us periodically for articles and comments. We want everyone to know why dentistry is important, not just for your mouth, but for your overall health as well. And even though the stigma is pretty strong, maybe we can take a little of the edge off of your next visit to the dentist!